In the last post I have presented you way of unlocking bootloader in Xiaomi Redmi Note 4. Now it is the time to install custom Recovery Image and use it to flash your desired ROM. Remember that to follow this instructions you need to have unlocked bootloader.


Custom recovery image will allow you to make deep modifications in your phone software. This includes complete remove of Android operation system (don’t worry it can be installed again). So if you don’t exactly know what you are doing then don’t install custom recovery and stay with official MIUI updates.

Choosing Recovery Image

Before you download any files you must decide if you will use custom recovery together with official ROM. If the answer is yes then you should download latest version of Cofface TWRP. I recommend this version also for users that will use only unofficial ROMs. There is also other version of this recovery for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 MTK but I haven’t tested it ( It is also worth mentioning that there is no official TWRP for this phone (


If you want to use official Xiaomi ROMs then remember - never flash Global or China Stable version. If you do so then it will lock you bootloader again.

Installing TWRP Recovery

Installation Steps to follow

  1. Go to and download recovery image.

  2. Make sure your phone is at least 50% charged.

  3. Tour off your phone and turn it on into recovery mode

    • Hold down Vol (-) and Power buttons together
    • Release buttons when Android MIUI image appears
  4. Connect your phone to PC via USB cable

  5. Make sure you have android tools installed (fastboot and adb commands)

  6. Check if phone is detected by fastboot

     fastboot devices

    The result should be similar to:

    01234567890abcdef           fastboot

  7. Go to catalogue where you have downloaded fastboot image

  8. To flash recovery image type:

    fastboot flash recovery cofface_twrp_nikel_recovery1124.img

  9. Boot your phone using new recovery image to finish installation process:

    fastboot boot cofface_twrp_nikel_recovery1124.img

  10. Your phone should start and TWRP splash screen should appear

  11. After recovery start you might notice that default language is Chinese. To change it click on button on the right and from popup menu select desired language.

  12. After that being done read information about unmodified system partition which is presented on your phone screen.

  13. If you want to root your phone then swipe to allow modifications. If not then click on Keep read only. You can allways change your decission by flashing TWRP again.

  14. You are done TWRP is successfully installed.

Using TWRP

You can use your new recovery for:

  • Installing custom and official ROMs
  • Backup and restore your phone and all your data
  • Clear and wipe cache or restore phone to factory settings

I will show you how to install custom ROM, because it is somewhat complicated.

Flashing ROM

After installing recovery it’s time to flash custom ROM. I recommend using ROMs, because they are close to global version of MIUI and they will never lock your bootloader. This ROMs have, a lot of additional features compared to official one.

Flashing Xiaomi.en ROM will not remove your internal memory data (pictures, music, videos, etc…)

  1. Go to and pick latest forum thread.
  2. Click on link in download weekly section
  3. It will bring you to
  4. Download file that contains HMNote4 if it’s name (not HMNote4X - this one is for another device model)
  5. Put downloaded file in your phone internal memory. Don’t unzip archive.
  6. Turn your phone into recovery mode
    • Turn off your phone
    • Hold down Vol (+) and Power buttons together
    • Release buttons when TWRP Recovery boot screen appears
  7. If you want you can backup your phone now using Backup option.
  8. After that select Install option
  9. If file manager select zip archive you have put in your phone
  10. Swipe to confirm flash
  11. Flashing process should take up to 10 minutes
  12. After flashing finishes click Wipe cache/dalvik
  13. Next click Reboot system
  14. Your phone will be starting for about 10 minutes. Don’t worry this is normal
  15. At the moment when MIUI Creator appears, ROM installation if finished
  16. Enjoy your new ROM

Rooting phone

With help of TWRP recovery rooting Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 phone is very easy process.

  1. Download SuperSU
  2. Put downloaded zip archive in your phone internal memory
  3. Turn your phone into recovery mode
    • Turn off your phone
    • Hold down Vol (+) and Power buttons together
    • Release buttons when TWRP Recovery boot screen appears
  4. After that select Install option
  5. In file manager select SuperSU zip archive you have put in your phone
  6. Swipe to confirm flash
  7. After flashing finishes click **Wipe cache/dalvik
  8. Next click Reboot system
  9. Your phone will restart several times - this is normal
  10. Finaly your phone will start normaly
  11. Install Root Checker all from Google Play
  12. Using installed app confirm that you have successfull rooted your phone
    • Alter clicking Verify Root Status SuperSU window will appear, asking for root permission - allow it
    • You should see green message saying that root access in successfully installed on your phone
  13. Enjoy your rooted device